Angel juicer wide filter housing 304SS add-on part specifically for soft Fiber and leads more juice
Angel juicer wide filter housing 304SS add-on part specifically for soft Fiber & leads more juice

Angel juicer Extracting Housing wider filter add-on part. The wider filter might be preferable for soft food such as strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and foamy food such as Pineapple. Pineapple due to the high enzyme (Pinease) extracted, tends to foam. You can still juice it by the regular filter, but may be slower to juice due to the foam. You may need to purchase the (plunger with ring) that helps pushes the foam. The wide filter maybe more desirable to make butter from nuts and seeds but always soak them for 12 to 24 hours to avoid damage to the filter. You can still use the standard filter to make butter as well due to the power of the gears action would push the large oil particles thru the fine standard filter. This filter would fit the latest Angel juicer, Super angel juicer home use models that have been manufactured within the last few years and all Angelia juicer home use models. If you like a filter for grinding seeds and nuts, then you need the grinding filter instead.

We use the wide filter to make butter. Coconut butter from coconut white pulp is awesome for health as it contains essential fatty acids and closest to mother milk with natural antibiotics. We add the coconut water and pulp to the juice and find the coconut butter floating white chunks on the top of the juice if the room temperature around 72 degree Fahrenheit. You may need to limit the amount to acquire the taste as one coconut produces large amount of the butter. Coconut butter is solid at temperature bellow 74 degree Fahrenheit.

We use raw seeds and nuts and soak them for 12 to 24 hours in water with a drop of baking powder. Once the seeds or nuts are soft, we juice them and collect the butter around the filter as well. If you want the pulp mix with it, you can do that as well. Try taste them mixing and without mixing with the pulp. We add a tinny bit of mountain salt that contains essential minerals.

We also use the wide filter with the (special wooden food pusher with a ring on its end) to juice Pineapple. Pineapple foams a lot. We juice pineapple with other food to ease the pushing of the dry pulp. After the juicing is complete, if desired, we use the regular filter and pour in the collected juice to eliminate the pulp and collect pure juice for faster absorption. Certainly, you can use the regular filter to juice Pineapple, but due to the foaming action of Pineapple, it is slower to feed the pineapple into the machine.

This filter is made of Stainless steel grade 304 (18-8) which is similar to the stainless steel used in the Angel juicer model Angelia series 5500 and 7500.

Note, if you order the add items on with your juicer order then there is no additional shipping charge. Otherwise, we will add shipping charge to the order, which is US$50 to most destinations.

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